(laravel, javascript, rust and more)


Bookmarklets You Should Definitely Be Using

Bookmarklets have been around for decades. Most people will reach for applications (web and desktop)

2021: A year in review

An overview of the last year and what next year might bring.

Baby's First Virtual Machine

Let me show you how to build your very own virtual machine that can calculate handle mathematical operations.

Creating an `Option` Type in PHP

Let's take a look at how we can create a custom Option type to handle optional values in PHP.

Declaring Expectations Against Array Items in Pest

Let's look at how we can use Pest's Expectation API with array items.

All About Match Expressions

Let's take a look at PHP's match expression.

Laravel Seeders on Steroids

Seeders are a great way of creating fixture data, as well as dummy data, for your development environment. Let me show you how we can make them even better.

Delete All Rows for a Laravel Model

Let me show how to quickly delete all rows for a Laravel model.

How to Watch Alpine Stores for Changes

One of Spruce's more powerful features was Spruce.watch. With the introduction of Alpine.store, let's take a look at how we can watch our store properties for changes too.

The Magic Behind Reactivity - Effects

Let's take our reactive function and start reacting to data changes.

The Magic Behind Reactivity - Proxies

Reactive JavaScript frameworks are full of magic. In this series, I'll cover the basics of reactivity in JavaScript, starting with proxies.

Alpine 3.x Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use in your Alpine 3.x components.

Storing Laravel Users on Disk in Flat-Files

Let me demonstrate how simple it is to get a flat-file User model going in your Laravel application.

How to Schedule Artisan Commands from Your Laravel Package

Ever needed to schedule an artisan command from one of your Laravel packages but couldn't figure out how to do it? Let me show you!

Validating Laravel Console Input

When distributing console commands in a package or within an application, making sure data is in the correct format can be important. Let's build a make:user command that takes advantage of Laravel's validation helpers.