Deploy an AWS Lambda Function from the Terminal

Lambda's GUI is perfect for toying with your function's code, but what if you have Node dependencies or additional files you want to upload from your local machine or CI/CD? Learn how to deploy from your terminal in this article.

Published 3 weeks ago | Updated 3 weeks ago

Execute an AWS Lambda Function from the Terminal

Sick of manually testing your Lambda functions using the AWS interface or hitting your stage URL in Postman? Learn how to invoke / execute your function from the terminal using the AWS CLI.

Published 4 weeks ago | Updated 4 weeks ago

Highlight Laravel Blade Templates with Highlight.php

Out of the box, Highlight.php doesn't support Laravel Blade templates. I'll show you how to register a custom syntax so that you can start highlighting your Blade content.

Published 1 month ago | Updated 1 month ago

Setup MailHog with Laravel Valet

Testing emails can be a pain. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there that can make the process a lot easier. Let me show you how to setup MailHog, a local development tool for testing emails.

Published 1 month ago | Updated 1 month ago

Parsing Markdown with PHP: Getting Started

Markdown is a great way of making notes, writing articles and generally managing content. Let's take a look at how quickly you can begin using Markdown in your PHP applications.

Published 3 months ago | Updated 3 months ago