5 Simple Laravel Tips and Tricks

Here are 5 simple Laravel tips and tricks that you can start applying and using in your Laravel applications right now!

Published 1 month ago | Updated 1 month ago

Unconventional Laravel: Middleware-as-a-Service-Provider

Have you ever used a service provider to set a default value for a third-party library? Have you ever done this based on the current request or URL? Have you ever considered doing this inside of middleware instead?

Published 4 months ago | Updated 4 months ago

Unconventional Laravel: Custom Pipeline Classes

Laravel makes use of the internal `Pipeline` class and it's more common in userland too, but have you ever considered tidying up these pipeline processes with custom pipeline classes?

Published 5 months ago | Updated 5 months ago

Unconventional Laravel: Route groups and `$router`

When registering grouped routes using `Route::group()`, it's normal to register those nested routes using the `Route` facade, but have you ever used the `$router` variable?

Published 7 months ago | Updated 7 months ago

Add Classes to Active Link in Laravel

Adding a class to make the current page "active" in your application's navigation is a simple UI improvement. Let me show you how I typically do this in my apps.

Published 7 months ago | Updated 7 months ago

Manually Refreshing a Livewire Component

Livewire provides a clean API for automatically polling and refreshing a component, but what if you want to manually refresh a component?

Published 8 months ago | Updated 8 months ago