Or more accurately, word dumps.

Parsing Markdown with PHP: Getting Started

Markdown is a great way of making notes, writing articles and generally managing content. Let's take a look at how quickly you can begin using Markdown in your PHP applications.

Published 3 weeks ago | Updated 3 weeks ago

Unconventional Laravel: Responsable classes

Sometimes your controllers can get rather large, especially if you have lots of conditions and data formatting. Have you ever considered moving some of that complexity out into a dedicated response class?

Published 1 month ago | Updated 1 month ago

Unconventional Laravel: Middleware-as-a-Service-Provider

Have you ever used a service provider to set a default value for a third-party library? Have you ever done this based on the current request or URL? Have you ever considered doing this inside of middleware instead?

Published 2 months ago | Updated 2 months ago

Unconventional Laravel: Custom Pipeline Classes

Laravel makes use of the internal `Pipeline` class and it's more common in userland too, but have you ever considered tidying up these pipeline processes with custom pipeline classes?

Published 2 months ago | Updated 2 months ago

Writing Reusable Alpine Components

Reusability is important when it comes to scaling projects and future-proofing the maintainability of a project. Let's take a look at how you can write more re-usable components in Alpine.

Published 3 months ago | Updated 3 months ago

Accessing Helper Methods in Your Livewire Components

Helper methods can be, well, helpful. Did you know that you can actually write helper methods in your Livewire classes and use them really easily in your Blade views?

Published 3 months ago | Updated 3 months ago

Creating Custom Magic Variables in Alpine.js

We all come across tasks that are repetitive and probably struggle to find ways of making them more re-usable in our Alpine components. Since v2.5 we can register custom magic variables that can help us out with that.

Published 3 months ago | Updated 3 months ago